Argan Oil and Hair Loss

Argan Oil and Hair Loss

If you’ve read the other articles on this website, you know by now that argan oil is truly an oil that rivals all others. It is good for skin, nails, hair, and promotes cardiovascular health when consumed. Another health benefit that many are talking bout is the oils ability to prevent hair loss. Too good to be true? Let’s first take a look at some of the causes of baldness.

Hair loss affects mainly men, and can begin anywhere between the ages of 25 and 50. It is also possible for women to suffer from excessive loss of hair. What constitutes ‘excessive’? It is normal to lose about 50 hairs per day, believe it or not! Hair is constantly going through growth cycles, and new hairs will replace those that are lost. However, sometimes new hairs will not replace the ones that are lost, or more hairs will be lost than normal. This can lead to baldness.

There are a multitude of causes for baldness, from genetics to medications (particularly hormonal supplemens) to dietary deficiencies. Execessive hair styling can also weaken the hair, leading it to eventually break off.

So what’s the deal with argan oil and hair loss?

While argan oil will not correct the internal imbalances that are causing hair loss, it will provide plenty of nutrients for the hair. To determine the cause of your hair loss, it is best to consult a doctor. Often, changes in diet can lead to an improved condition. However, Moroccan argan provides an extra boost for the hair because it stimulates keratin production, leading to more hair growth.

So, to sum it up – if hair loss is caused by damaged hair due to excessive hairstyling or environmental factors, all you may need is regular application of argan oil in order to see thicker and healthier hair within weeks. If it is caused by diet or medication, you can adjust your diet or change medication accordingly, and argan oil will help the new hairs grow faster to replace those you have lost. If baldness is caused by genetic factors, you may have to seek other treatment options such as hormonal supplements. However, argan oil will still strengthen your hair and stimulate hair production to some extent.