Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment Review

Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment Review

Since its public launch in the 1980s Minoxidil has been lauded as a miracle cure for hair loss. Well, often such claims prove to be way overrated, however, in this case it appears to be true. After decades of being both praised and criticized, there is finally enough evidence to state without question that Minoxidil has more than lived up to its hype. It really works! And how many hair loss remedies can honestly say that?

How it Works

Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine, can be purchased as either a topical solution or a foam which is thoroughly worked into the scalp and must remain on for four hours before it is rinsed off. Men normally use a 5% concentration for the specific treatment of male pattern hair loss. Another great thing about this product is that it can also be used by women at a 2% concentration.

There have been some complaints that the product is too expensive when compared with the costs of other hair loss treatments. Well, it actually is quite reasonable considering that it works incredibly well when compared with these other products. If you want results you have to pay for them, and Minoxidil is really quite affordable.

While learning precisely how Minoxidil works its magic still requires further study, it is certain that the results have to do with the presence of nitric oxide in the formula. The specific type of nitric oxide used has a certain chemical structure which enables it to bond to ordinary nitric oxide, so it relaxes the blood vessels, which then dilate as a result. Thus they then can nourish the hair follicles of the scalp. This aids in supporting further hair growth and preventing hair loss.


When applied properly to a clean, dry scalp, Minoxidil has show its results to be superior to that of other hair loss remedies. Use the product twice a day, and it is essential that you allow it to dry for four hours in order to achieve peak results.

Minoxidil has been proven to have the desired effect of regrowing large areas of hair after it has been used regularly for up to four to six months. One caution. During the first several initial weeks of using this product you may notice an increase in the loss of hair. Don’t panic and stop using Minoxidil as this is perfectly normal. It’s not the product itself, just your hair’s natural cycle kicking in and you will see that when your hair regrows it will be thicker and stronger looking.

To sum things up then, there is absolutely no question that Minoxidil works wonders in treating hair loss, as long as you do your part as well and use the product consistently. While it may cost a little extra compared to other such products, it is well worth the additional money once you see the breathtaking results it creates.