Different Health Insurance Choices For Diabetics

Different Health Insurance Choices For Diabetics

At least 18 million Americans have diabetes, and every year at least a million more is diagnosed with this illness. Since it is a chronic illness, it can be managed through proper self-care, but there is no doubt that treatment can be very expensive. The American Diabetes Association estimates that a diabetic spends around $12,000 per year for medical supplies and health care needed to properly manage their disease. Moreover, the complications of this disease can seriously cripple the employment chances of the affected person. Hence, a health insurance for diabetics is definitely a must for them.

Unfortunately, it is really hard to find a health insurance for diabetics because of the many potential costs to be incurred from the disease and the complications that might arise. If you find a health insurance for diabetics, they are mostly expensive and do not help much financially. However, there are still some worthy health insurance for diabetics that can be used in conjunction with government policies and programs so as to help curb the expenses of diabetic patients.

One of them is Medicaid, which is a program by the state and federal government that sort of acts as a health insurance for diabetics, especially for those with limited income and resources. It covers supplies, services, and equipment necessary in the management of diabetes. Moreover, this health insurance for diabetics also provides preventive services to people who are at risk for developing diabetes.

There are also group insurances sponsored by employers for people who are working. This kind of health insurance for diabetics often include supplies for managing diabetes, which are especially needed by people suffering from this chronic illness. Even after you leave your job, your employer can still provide a health insurance for diabetics up to 18 months since your resignation. This is under the federal law called the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA. Health insurance for diabetics under COBRA can last up to 29 months after resignation.

If you are not eligible for the aforementioned health insurances, you can try getting a private health insurance for diabetics. Although finding one can be challenging, it is important since a lot of medical expenses will surely arise because of diabetes. You should not limit yourself when it comes to health matters.