How to Break the Cycle and Create Success in a Weight Loss Trap.

How to Break the Cycle and Create Success in a Weight Loss Trap.
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Trying to lose weight can be an overwhelming experience for most people.

With so many options and opinions out there and so much conflicting information people often get frustrated and discouraged and end up not only failing in their goals but actually gaining more weight or gaining back weight previously lost.

Some of this can be explained by the ways in which we choose to “work out”.

Seemingly endless hours and miles spent on a treadmill, tirelessly trying to manage our caloric intakes and avoidance of “Bad food” and deprivation of desired foods…these are menacing factors that are sabotaging our best efforts. So what do we do?

T. Jacy Flynn - Personal Trainer

Time to stop! Make a change in the way we prepare ourselves and change our general views on the whole idea of the diet business. Ever wonder how a sprinter gets to be so lean and you spend all that time running and nothing seems to change? The difference is in how they manage their time running. Let’s change that first.

Work out vs Training. Quit Working out! Let’s start TRAINING! Training is a successful athlete’s mentality. They have a goal, they see it, it’s as real as if it were a scale standing right in front of them. Whether their goal is to gain speed, gain strength, gain power…gain weight or cut fat they have a goal. Get better. And they TRAIN to the goal. Start thinking like an athlete, even if you don’t feel like one. Every improvement counts! Mentally prepare to succeed. This can be tough, but when we start doing it, the results will follow. Believe it into existence.

The other thing to start realizing is that these “gifted athletes” are not gifted. They are athletic because they TRAIN. They play their sports and treat it as a business. Playing sport is not exercising, it is not conditioning and it is not enough. Many who play sports max out due to “aging” concerns or injuries. This is because they do not condition, not because they are too old. They get injured because they have not prepared their joints or muscles for competition. Even a scrimmage hockey league can lead to injuries. So if you want to keep playing you better start treating it like a serious option for your well being. Or get ready to sit on the sidelines in your 40s…. Athletic mentality is a learnable and trainable skill.

Remember, sprinters SPRINT. Powerlifters, LIFT. Swimmers SWIM. Pitchers PITCH. They train to their goal. All of them train STRENGTH. Without strength, there is no power, no speed. Strength is a plus to all of us regardless of what we are training towards. Be it a specific athletic goal, a target weight loss each week, or a long term fat loss goal. Strength is the key. Time to stop trying to sweat away calories, start getting strong!! And stop obsessing over every bite you take.

When we start to realize that our long boring steady state cardio is creating our greatest barrier to success we will start understanding. The real need is to start lifting heavy objects. And I don’t mean heavy like we are accustomed to.

I mean challenging heavy, And learning how to move explosively. This style of training to strength will recruit more Type 2B muscle fibres that require more energy to fire than slower twitch muscles that we use for that walk or jog or even that run on the treadmill. That run will do great things to create awesome aerobic capacity and will help keep your heart strong and well-conditioned but if you are looking to shed inches around your core, arms, legs and butts then you have to stop running like this. IT IS YOUR OBSTACTLE.

Don’t lift to exhaustion. Why do this? This will only accomplish the result of creating an injury prone exhausted state. There are occasions where we will challenge ourselves and will go that extra rep….but the number in our heads, is just a number. It is not a magic solution any more than any other. Focus, and create tension for those Type 2B muscle fibres. Why? Well, because more energy to be needed thus burned and in turn your body will stop storing energy and will start working anaerobically. You will get stronger, the muscle will develop and they will burn the fat that sits on top of them.

Imagine your body like a stove top. Set a frying pan on a cool stove this is your muscle, leave the burner off….dump a load of butter onto the muscle (frying pan) so you cannot see it. This is your body. Fat cover muscle on a cool stove. Then start turning up the heat…from the inside (the burner, the inner body) the higher the heat the quicker you will see this result. As the muscle gets warmer from the inside out, the fat, just like the butter on the pan, will start to NOT DISAPPEAR but will get thinner and will spread differently…it’s still there, but now you can see the pan underneath. Start training like you are planning to fry an egg on it.

Imagine you are a baseball player. And your coach teaches you how to hit the ball solidly and with excellent mechanics. Take the bat to the ball, explosively move the hips, good arm and hand position behind the ball, find the contact, see the ball all the way to the bat….They work! You can smoke them off the tee and soft / front toss drills are a cake walk! Just remember the mechanics…now…game time! You have a plan to hit it well into the outfield, right through the infield, cause that is what you have been taught and proven in practice that you can do! But as soon as you walk into the batter’s box and the pitch is thrown…you neglect the mechanics you have been taught. You ground the ball. A soft infield hit and get thrown out at first. We have become good situational hitters, time to start applying our mechanics to every time we step into the box. Game speed mentality all the time. Playing is practice and practice is playing, with different objectives of outcome! Same with our weight management nutritional plan!

Set a target for the week, create practice along the way, and keep your eye on the only thing that matters this week. Each situation a valid and worthy situation.

End result. Not how we get there day to day, meal to meal. Sometimes we ground out. We have not failed! There will be another at bat! Correct yourself and watch the target! Forgiving spirits are happy spirits.

Some things to know.

• Diet is not the same as deprivation.
• Diet is a noun not a verb.
• Eating is neither bad nor good, it serves purpose.

• Will power is not carefully measuring your food or counting points or calories or saying No to a dessert because it isn’t allowed.

• Abrupt and restrictive diet plans are not a lifestyle, they are temporary band aids that lead to negative mindsets, as well as often, bigger weight gains and the potential to leave people feeling unhappy and incapable. They are not empowering. Our society is based on a short term, quick reward mentality. This always fails us.

• Water will not cause unsightly bloating.

• Strength training will NOT turn you into a body builder.


Carbs are carbs. Apple, bread, chocolate bar. Same. Your brain cannot distinguish trauma, nor can the body distinguish sources of carbs. When you eat your carbs will make the biggest difference to your weight management program. The question should not be “should I eat it” but “when can I eat it”

Happiness leads to empowerment and stress free, permanent lifestyle adaptations. We can love ourselves. Have your cake and eat it too!
While some food sources have more nutritional value than others, there are no “clean” and “unclean” foods.

True Strength training recruits more Type 2B muscle fibres and thus requires more energy and shrinks more fat cells and in turn burns more calories than typical cardio training. A good strength program has cardio built in. Endless time spent on treadmills or jogging or riding a stationary bike (without benefit of a strength program) will hinder fat loss and will lead potentially to weight gains.

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Kettlebell training is one of the best methods for accomplishing many desirable aspects of training using limited space, without extensive costs, and with the lowest possible susceptibility to injury when programmed correctly A combination of cardio and muscle strengthening movements with a focus on joint stability and explosive lifting.

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