19% off Waterpik WP-360W

19% off Waterpik WP-360W


Waterpik WP-360W Dental Water Jet

This product is a great alternative to flossing and it leaves a just-from-the-dentist clean feeling in your mouth after every use. I would highly recommend!

No more mirror splatter.

The cordless rechargeable dental water jet is perfect to use in the shower....no more mirror splatter when cleaning your teeth.
I have recommended it to friends at work and they are stocking up for Christmas gifts. It is affordable and works just as well as the high market priced items.


Waterpik WP-360W Hand-held Cordless Rechargeable Dental Water Jet

by Josh clinton

By Robert J. Oliver (Flower Mound, TX USA)
This is my first device of this nature and I really did not know what to buy, so the flexibility of having a battery powered unit was appealing. I thought that would offset the smaller tank size. What a mistake. I have to refill the tank 3-4 times to do my teeth and the unit is soaked completely by the time I am finished which can''t be good for it long term. Also, for the price paid I expected more. I replaced this one immediately with a Conair Interplak Water Jet for $10 (vs. $35 for the Water Pik). If you have to get a Water Pik because of the name, get the large unit.

waterpik wp-360w hand-held cordless rechargeable dental water jet

by rockpolaris

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